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How a GPS Can Improve Your Hunting Performance

The world of hunting is filled with technologically advanced tools such as faster compound bows, cameras that let you track animal movement and of course, GPS. GPS is not a new technology but its adoption in hunting is undoubtedly changing the game. It is a complex technology

How Far Should I Hike on a Backpacking Trip?

Truly, any distance you get outside is going to be a good thing. One mile? Five? Ten? Forty? It’s all awesome — go for it! But to give you a frame of reference, let’s bookend the extremes. On one side, the record holders for speed hiking average

LaCrosse Mens AeroHead Hunting Boot Reviews

To perform at your best in each hunting season, success often depends on how far your feet can carry you. Without right hunting boot, your feet may become too sore, cold, overheated or sweaty that your chance of returning home with more than an empty Thermos. LaCross

7 Places You Should Not Miss While Visit Thailand

Thailand is home to some of the most spectacular white sandy beaches, tropical forests, ancient monuments and modern cities. This makes it a very popular tourist destination because it has can satisfy the interests of different types of tourists. Additionally, most of Thailand’s destinations are catered towards

Firearms Training Using Airsoft – Top Tips

If when you hear about airsoft, the first image that comes to mind is comprised of a bunch of 11-year olds running around with toy guns shooting at each other with plastic BBs, we can’t condemn you.  This happens a lot these days, as kids love to

What Boots Should You Choose for Rainy Day Hunting?

Whichever passion or hobby you intend to undertake, you can only be as good at it as the tools you use. When it comes to hunting, this is no different. This is why you should remember to choose the right hunting boots because they form a major

Guidelines for Hunting Deer in Rut

Come to September the big deer begin to emit their characteristic roars indicating the beginning of the bellowing; a time longed for by many to get great trophies. Jose Luis Torio gives us some clues to face these stalks. The exact date on which the rutting occurs

Seven Tips for Hunting Fans

In October a new season begins for hunters. In the USA there are many fans of hunting, and the imprudence in this sport costs the lives of many people in this country. Not only adults have access to this practice in a legal manner. Children under 18

13 Tips for Hunting Tall Partridge

Hunting to the Jump in a High Mountain The great hardness of the land and the inclemency of the weather require the hunter to be in a good state of form to face a difficult challenge in which the work of the dog takes on special importance.