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How to Wash Hunting Backpacks?

There is no doubt about it that hunting is a great hobby, sport, and best of all, a means of survival. You actually get to keep and eat whatever you hunt, and that is something we all have to appreciate. You probably know that any good hunter

How to Start Backpack Hunting

If you are just getting into hunting and have never done it before, you need to know the ins and outs of getting started. Yes, backpack hunting is great because you get to be out in the woods, you have all of your gear on you, and

LaCrosse Mens AeroHead Hunting Boot Reviews

To perform at your best in each hunting season, success often depends on how far your feet can carry you. Without right hunting boot, your feet may become too sore, cold, overheated or sweaty that your chance of returning home with more than an empty Thermos. LaCross

Why to Have a Tactical Knife if You Are an Outdoor Freak?

Knives are essential tools when heading into the wild. They are small and light making them easily portable. Hence a little bother to you when carrying them. A tactical knife is even handier. Having military specs, it is very strong and sturdy, meaning it can be very

How to Choose a Hunting Backpack

  When you go hunting, you will need your trusty camo gear, your rifle or crossbow, some ammunition, a good friend, and a good hunting pack or backpack which is what you will use to carry all of your gear, safety equipment, clothing, food, first aid supplies,

How to Pack a Hunting Backpack

When it comes to hunting, there is a lot of gear that you will need to take with you, and this goes for both day and overnight hunting trips. You might think that you just need a gun, some ammo, and a bit of luck, but there

How to Use an Electronic Predator Call

Some people like to go hunting by simply skulking around the woods and hoping for the best. Now, we are not saying that you will never see success hunting this way, especially if you know animal migration patterns and have some good hunting experience. However, there are

How a GPS Can Improve Your Hunting Performance

The world of hunting is filled with technologically advanced tools such as faster compound bows, cameras that let you track animal movement and of course, GPS. GPS is not a new technology but its adoption in hunting is undoubtedly changing the game. It is a complex technology

How Far Should I Hike on a Backpacking Trip?

Truly, any distance you get outside is going to be a good thing. One mile? Five? Ten? Forty? It’s all awesome — go for it! But to give you a frame of reference, let’s bookend the extremes. On one side, the record holders for speed hiking average

7 Places You Should Not Miss While Visit Thailand

Thailand is home to some of the most spectacular white sandy beaches, tropical forests, ancient monuments and modern cities. This makes it a very popular tourist destination because it has can satisfy the interests of different types of tourists. Additionally, most of Thailand’s destinations are catered towards