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The 12 Best Hunting Knife Reviews in 2019 – Buying Guide

Hunting and hunting knives are not new, and this passion goes back many centuries. It is tough to know how long the first use of a knife – but certainly in the Stone Age. Already at the time, a good knife was essential to good practice be

The 10 Best Arrows for Deer Hunting in 2019

Hunting down animals using bows and arrows is a traditional form of hunting. Thought using bows and arrows are traditional style, but in modern days the structure of these weapons have changed and modified. Bows and arrows are still one of the most beautiful weapon duos that

The 10 Best Duck Calls in 2019 (Reviews and Comparison)

Duck hunting is a reputed tradition in many parts of the world. It has been carried out from generation to generation, and so new hunters learn tricks of duck hunting and get skilled with time. One of the many skills you would want to consider would be

The 8 Best Hunting Face Paint in 2019

Face paint or face mask? The most asked question in hunting universe. Hunter all over the world wants to know the answer to this age-old question. Some of the hunters even bring them both in their hunting packs as they are not sure! It’s good actually. Both

The 10 Best Deer Call in 2019

For thousands of years, hunters have been using the calls as a hunting tactic. Deer hunters are also doing the same. Deer use the sound to communicate with their chums. Deer calls are designed in a way to mimic the sound of deer. So that they hear

The 10 Best Turkey Hunting Face Mask in 2019

Like many other hunting gears, expert hunters nowadays are looking for the best turkey hunting face mask to finish their hunting with ease. Face masks are not that much old hunting equipment. But still, it has gained the trust of many hunters. Because a perfect hunting mask

The 10 Best Carbon Hunting Arrows in 2019

Many people find hunting as a great source of thrill and excitement. For bow-hunting, stuff like arrows can increase this excitement at a great extent, if they are strong enough to provide an accurate shot. Materials matter a lot to define the quality of an arrow. The

The 10 Best Trekking Poles for Hunting in 2019

As a hunter, you can search for the best trekking poles for hunting. That is why today we are going to have a discussion. The discussion includes a list of trekking poles that were chosen by us after several types of researches. You can easily choose the

The 10 Best Pistol Crossbows in 2019

Mini crossbows or pistol crossbows are now getting popular amongst the hunters. There are several reasons why people are choosing a pistol crossbow as their primary weapon for hunting. Best pistol crossbow has a compact size that can help you carry or hold it easily. Manufacturers are