The 7 Best Wall Tent Stove in 2019

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Finding the best wall tent stove becomes a must when you are planning to go for a trip to nature. A good wall tent stove can help you in many ways. It not only helps to keep you warm but also helps you cook your food.

The best wall tent stove will always make sure that the temperature inside will remain normal. You can relax inside your tent when you are having a stove which can help to maintain the temperature properly.

Our today’s motive is to help you find the best wall tent stove for you that can keep you warm on your next outdoor trip. We did a small research on the stoves available in the market.

We have found seven stoves which are proven helpful. These stoves went through few tests. These stoves can be controlled easily. Because of this feature, you can maintain the temperature inside the tent.

You can surely expect these stoves to burn less fuel and provide more than usual. You can choose any of these stoves as they can be carried easily.

In a nutshell, each of the stoves we have chosen is capable of producing you maximum facilities. Here are those stoves below.

Quick Answer – Wall Tent Stove

1. Camp Chef Alpine CS14 Cylinder Tent Cabin Stove

2. Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove

3. SilverFire Hunter Chimney Stove

4. SHTFandGO Bullet Proof 50BMG Rocket Stove Tent

5. Timberline Stove Package

6. Terra Hiker 3500W Camping Gas Stove

7. VINIDA Camping Stove Backpacking Stove Survival Stove

Reviews of the Best Wall Tent Stove


1. Camp Chef Alpine CS14 Cylinder Tent Cabin Stove

Best Wall Tent StoveThere is no doubt that many previous campers have found this stove as the best wall tent stove. The construction will allow you to use the stove according to your need.

You can adjust the position of the stove legs if you are thinking of using the stove in an uneven place. You will find no difficulty to carry this stove.

You don’t have hustle with the stove too. You can store all the parts inside the stove easily. There is also a chimney pipe on the stove. As heavy steel material is used in the construction, you can expect the stove to last longer.

The door damper will help you to control the heat of the stove. By this, you can cook your food well. The stove can provide you with maximum comfort with any type of tents or rooms. It can raise the temperature pretty quickly. So, even the coldest weather condition will not cause you much trouble.


  • The sturdy and heavy steel makes sure that the stove performs well even in the coldest weather.
  • The adjustable legs of the stove are removable.
  • The can be stored and carried quite easily.
  • Integration of a wide drying rack makes the stove more useful.
  • The wire spark arrestor is integrated.
  • The pipe damper can be installed as there is a hole for it.


  • The door will not seal perfectly after few uses.


2. Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove

Best Wall Tent StoveThere is no doubt that the Guide Gear Company can produce quality stoves. This stove now we are showing is one of them. It is the best wall tent stove to those who wish for something very powerful with a compact size.

You can even use this wall tent stove for picnic purposes too. It will help to keep you warm in winter times. You will be unable to find any cheap material used to make this stove.

Heavy and strong steel is used here. Because of this, you can surely use this stove for a quite long time. there are vent holes that you can control with ease.

The finishing of the stove is also fascinating. The finishing is heat resistant. The stove can be carried easily. You can detach the leg and store it comfortably. You can assemble the stove within no time.

The top platform of this stove can be used for keeping pans hot. So, you can surely buy this stove if you are looking for something small that can raise the temperature as quickly as possible.


  • Strong galvanized steel is used in the stove’s construction.
  • Vent holes will help you to control the stove easily.
  • You can even keep your pan’s food hot by just putting the pan on the top of the stove.
  • The legs of the stove are detachable.
  • The whole stove can fit inside itself to help you carry it with ease.
  • The hinged cast iron door will be found on the front side of the stove.


  • The door of this stove has no sealing system.


3. SilverFire Hunter Chimney Stove

Best Wall Tent StoveThis stove has a very simple construction. In spite of this, the stove can perform well in both indoor and outdoor activities.

If you compare this one with other similar type stoves, this will surely be the best wall tent stove for every type of people. The functioning of this stove is not too complex at all.

Anybody can use this stove. All you have to do is adjust the ventilation door for the perfect flame. This stove can perform its best when you intend to use it as an emergency stove.

You can cook your foods within a short period of time. The weight of this stove is not a serious issue. This stove is pretty much lighter than you think.

You can even clean the stove quite easily. So, there is no doubt that this stove can behave friendly both outside and inside your house.


  • The stove is easily portable.
  • The size and weight of this stove are also quite reasonable.
  • Anybody can operate the stove.
  • The ventilation door will help you to control the flame.
  • The stove can cook anything faster than many other stoves.
  • The stove takes less fuel, doesn’t waste anything extra.


  • Users will find difficulty in cleaning the stove.


4. SHTFandGO Bullet Proof 50BMG Rocket Stove Tent

Best Wall Tent StoveIt is a stove which can produce many types of facilities. It can perform well as both tent heater and cooking stove. It is one of the sturdiest stoves in the market.

You can use woods as fuel here. You can control the temperature by the rate of fuel you are using. The fire of this stove creates less smoke.

That is why you can easily stay near this stove without having any trouble. The burning chamber is huge. A camper can easily cook anything on this stove.

It will help you to carry it comfortably. The stove can heat or boil any food faster than others. It’s pretty large. The construction of this stove is quite strong. This steel stove will get not abuse so easily.

There is a handle on the stove body. The paint of this stove is also heat resistant. So, it can be the best wall tent stove for you if you want a stove that can be used roughly.


  • Heavy duty steel construction allows you to use this stove for a very long time without facing any issue.
  • The stove can be used in several types of outdoor trips.
  • The stove produces minimum irritating smoke.
  • The large burning chamber makes the stove capable of cooking anything pretty quickly.
  • Heat resistant black paint is used on this stove.


  • The inside edges of the burning chamber are rough. It can cause trouble to few campers when they try to put the fuel inside the chamber.


5. Timberline Stove Package

Best Wall Tent StoveThis Timberline stove package has most of the facilities which only the best wall tent stove can provide. It is not like common wood stoves. The stove has five to six inches strong pipe.

This stove pipe is also nested. The body of this stove is made of sturdy material. The stove can stay strong even in the roughest moments. As the stove can take much abuses, you can use it for a very long time.

The water tank is another positive side of this awesome wall tent stove. The stainless material used to make this tank part is quite stiff. The tank also provides you with the watertight feature.

Every edge of this stove is enough rigid. The safety issue is also ensured here. So, you can easily use this stove. You can be almost sure that you will get no harm using this wall tent stove.

The stove can raise the temperature pretty quickly than many other normal stoves. The draft control is also a good side of this stove.


  • The stove is made especially for use in wall tents or cabins.
  • Sturdy and heavy steel will make sure that you can use the stove for a quite long time.
  • 20 gauges stainless steel is used to make the water tank of this stove.
  • The stove is welded perfectly.
  • Hemmed over edges ensure the safety issue.
  • The stove is perfect for 15’x15’ or 16’x20’ tents.
  • The stove pipe and warming tray are included with the stove package.


6. Terra Hiker 3500W Camping Gas Stove

Best Wall Tent StoveThis stove by Terra Hiker is quite famous amongst the campers. The main reason why campers assume this as the best wall tent stove is the energy feature this stove provides.

You will truly find this stove saving your fuel all the time. It is proven that this stove can ignite at a very low range of fuel. You can ignite the stove quite easily.

The fantastic part is that you can also adjust the flame of this stove as per as your wish. The built-in adjusting knob will allow you to do so. It is seen very often that campers find difficulty in carrying the stove.

That is why the manufacturer has given this stove a compact structure. It will help you to carry the stove in your bag with ease. The weight of this stove is also in the satisfying range.

Durable metals are used here. Because of this, you can expect this stove to provide you with facilities for a long time. The whole body of this stove is totally scratch resistant.


  • Can be used quite easily. The user can control the flame with the help of adjusting knob.
  • The user can also ignite the stove with the help of ignition switch.
  • Can raise the temperature within a short period of time.
  • Aluminum alloy and stainless steel are used to make the stove durable.
  • The stands of this stove are serrated. Because of this, any cookware on the stove will stay stable.


  • The igniter has a poor quality which is not durable.


7. VINIDA Camping Stove Backpacking Stove Survival Stove

Best Wall Tent StoveAccording to many campers, this stove is one of the best wall tent stove sets in the current market. It is very rare to find a wood burning stove which can ignite quickly like this one.

When you buy this stove, you will not have to carry any fuel with you. You can use leaves or other unnecessary things from the surroundings as fuel.

This facility saves both your money and space inside of your backpack. Despite not using common fuel, you can find this stove to ignite faster. The flame of this stove will not make much smoke.

You can stay near the stove quite comfortably. The weight of this stove is less than 10 oz. You will find difficulties carrying this camping stove.

You can use this stove in most of the weather conditions. Wind is unable to put any serious effect on the performance of this stove.


  • Will allow you to go for camping without carrying any fuel or such thing.
  • The wood stove can cook anything faster than normal time.
  • The stove will create less smoke that can cause trouble for you.
  • The stove can be assembled very quickly.
  • This stove can be carried easily with the help of the Nylon stuff sack.
  • The premium stainless steel ensures the durability fact.


  • You will not get any instruction with the package.
  • The stove is much smaller than average wall tent stoves.


Final Words

These are some quality wall tent stoves. Any of these stoves is worth buying. They have the capability to perform. So, take some time and observe the stoves properly. Only then you can find the best one for yourself from the list.


7 Best Wall Tent Stove



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