The 10 Best Hunting Duffle Bag in 2019

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You may be in need of the best hunting duffle bag for carrying lots of equipment and gears easily. When you are on a hunting trip you really can feel the need for a good duffle bag.

To carry your ammo, weapons, and a few extra clothes, you should have a nice and precise duffle bag. That is why today we will help you to find the best hunting duffle bag for your next hunting trip.

We have made a list of ten duffle bags which can eligible for hunting purpose. Before choosing those bags, the bags went through some researches.

All bags from that list have quality fabrics that are sturdy enough. Few of them are also water resistant. In fact, all the bags have thick fabrics.

Apart from the fabric, those bags have strong handles which are pretty much comfortable to hold. All the bags mentioned in that list can hold their shape perfectly.

Here is the list of duffle bags with detailed information on each bag.

Quick Answer – Hunting Duffle Bag

1. Maxpedition Fliegerduffel Adventure Bag

2. Maxpedition SOLODUFFEL Adventure Bag

3. UTG All-in-1 Ultimate Range Competition Bag

4. Condor Colossus Duffle Bag

5. Under Armour Men’s SC Duffle

6. EXPLORER Mt20p Bags

7. Fieldline Pro Series Ultimate Field Haul Duffle

8. EXPLORER Mossy Oak Realtree Camo Duffel Bag

9. Bulldog Cases Deluxe Muddy Girl Range Bag

10. Fox Outdoor Products Jumbo Mechanic’s Tool Bag

Reviews of the Best Hunting Duffle Bag


1. Maxpedition Fliegerduffel Adventure Bag

Best Hunting Duffle BagAs a duffle bag, it can perform pretty well throughout your tour. It can be called the best hunting duffle bag because of the design.

The design of this bag can truly help you to carry your stuff safely during your journey. The duffle bag has several pockets and compartments.

The structure of this duffle bag is quite well. You can carry your hunting gears and other equipment separately in separate compartments according to your wish.

The duffle bag has enough space inside. You can organize your stuff well inside this duffle bag. There is a shoulder strap with this travel bag. You can use it quite comfortably.

The shoulder strap is padded to give you full comfort while you are carrying the bag. The backpack straps of this bag are quite useful too.

You can carry this bag quite easily without facing any sorts of problem. The hydration pocket is another good part of this duffle bag.


  • The bag is made of durable fabric which allows you to use the bag for a quite long time.
  • Capable of protecting your stuff inside from any sorts of harm.
  • A user can carry the bag in several ways according to his comfort.
  • The hydration pocket is integrated.
  • The duffle bag fits in most of the carry-on compartments.


  • The webbing of the straps is not so good.
  • No handles are present on the side of the bag.


2. Maxpedition SOLODUFFEL Adventure Bag

Best Hunting Duffle BagWe have included this bag in the best hunting duffle bag list because of its sturdy performances. The bag has most of the latest features you may expect from a quality duffle bag.

You can expect this bag to perform for many years without letting you complaining about it. The fabric used in this duffle bag is quite thick.

It can keep your stuff inside safe in any sort of harsh conditions. There is enough room inside this bag to allow you to carry all the stuff you need.

The shoulder strap of this duffle bag is not stiff at all. It is quite comfortable. You will be able to carry the bag easily with the help of this shoulder strap.

The shoulder strap is padded. This padded feature actually ensures most of the facilities when you carry this bag. They don’t break or fail suddenly to cause you any trouble.


  • The Nylon is used as the fabric to make this bag.
  • The fabric of this bag is thick and durable.
  • The muffle bag provides you with water resistance feature.
  • The muffle bag is capable of holding the actual shape of it.
  • Two straps are integrated.
  • The interior capacity is quite enough.


  • There is nothing special about the zippers. They are average in quality. Durability is not expected much from these zippers.


3. UTG All-in-1 Ultimate Range Competition Bag

Best Hunting Duffle BagThis bag has the capability to keep your stuff safe and well in any harsh situations for several years. The construction of this bag ensures to provide users with durability.

The structure of this bag lets you use the bag on a regular basis. It will not put any effect on the bag durability fact. The bag is designed pretty well by the manufacturer, UTG.

The interior room is quite enough for any demand. The pockets are organized well. You can organize every gear or thing separately. Apart from the structure, you will also be satisfied when you carry this duffle bag.

The bag has another amazing feature. Many of the pockets or parts of the bag are removable. You can remove them when you don’t need them.

You will get both shoulder strap and duty handles with this bag. The strap and handles have the non-slip facility. You can hold them firm in your journey.


  • The bag has a very sturdy construction.
  • The synthetic material is used in this bag.
  • Capable of meeting harsh situations every day.
  • The pockets of the bag are well-organized.
  • The top of the bag has a quality zippered closure system with two zippers integrated.
  • Users can carry the bag comfortably.


  • The zipper tracks are hard. It can be irritating sometimes.


4. Condor Colossus Duffle Bag

Best Hunting Duffle BagThis bag was made for several purposes. It can be used as both a backpack and shoulder bag perfectly. That is why it is called one of the best hunting duffle bags in the market.

The main compartment of this duffle bag is pretty much bigger than other common bags. The zippers are also friendly too. They have pull tabs along with them.

Mesh pockets are also integrated here. It will help you to keep your small necessary gears in a place where you could easily access without opening the other pockets.

You will be amazed to know that these mesh pockets are also zippered. ID window will help you to attach an ID card to detect your bag quite easily where people have put many bags.

There is also a compression strap integrated. It will help you to adjust the size and shape of the bag. By this, you will be able to carry the bag precisely.


  • Made of durable and thick material.
  • Can hold enough stuff. The external dimension of the duffle bag is 66×25.4×30.5 cm.
  • Capable of performing a hundred for many years continuously.
  • The stitching of this duffle bag is solid enough to stay strong.
  • Quality zippers are integrated.
  • Perfect bag for camping or hunting purpose.


  • There is no major negative side of this bag. But few of the users might feel the lack of several side pockets.


5. Under Armour Men’s SC Duffle

Best Hunting Duffle BagUnder Armour has made this bag mainly for sports purpose. But you can also use this while you are on a hunting trip. The bag is pretty much larger than the common size.

So, it will be a perfect choice if you wish for a bag to carry much more stuff than others do. Because of this reason, you can also use this bag for carrying your stuff and gears on longer trips.

Many of you might consider this bag as a heavier one. But the truth is this bag is lighter than many large bags in the market. On the sides, you will be able to find two smaller compartments apart from the main one.

These compartments are also quite large. They have ample space inside. There is also a zippered mesh pocket with inside. It is with the lid flap. The backpack straps of the duffle bag perform well. You can have high expectations when you buy this bag.


  • Perfect choice for people who wish for larger bags.
  • A helpful bag on hunting trips of longer periods.
  • Has two side compartments integrated on each side of the bag.
  • Both of the side compartments have enough space inside to carry many gears.
  • The bag weights lighter than other similar bags.
  • Quality straps are integrated.
  • The bag is stitched well.


6. EXPLORER Mt20p Bags

Best Hunting Duffle BagWe have put the name of this bag in our best hunting duffle bag list because of its capability of performing consistently anywhere and anytime.

Inside the bag, you will find the PE board. There is a shoulder strap so that you can hang the bag with your shoulder when you are carrying it.

To reduce your problem, the manufacturer has integrated two mesh pockets. You can keep your essential small tools inside them. By this, you can get access to your tools anytime.

Apart from all the mandatory features, you will find another feature, the color pattern. The camouflage color pattern makes this muffle bag more eligible for hunting purpose.

We already mentioned that this bag is made to last longer. So, you can even use this bag in rough conditions too. The stitching of this bag is quite pleasing. It will help to keep the bag strong all the time. Apart from hunting, you can take this bag on many types of trips.


  • The 600D Polyester material is used to make the bag for multi-purpose.
  • The fabric will give you water resistance facility.
  • Mossy Oak camouflage pattern makes the muffle more capable for storing your stuff on hunting trips.
  • Apart from one main pocket, there are two side pockets and a long front pocket.
  • Rubber stubs are integrated.


  • The zipper cords have poor quality. They might fail suddenly.


7. Fieldline Pro Series Ultimate Field Haul Duffle

Best Hunting Duffle BagIt doesn’t matter whether you want to buy a duffle bag for hunting, fishing, or camping purpose. You can surely buy this duffle bag. The manufacturer, Fieldline has given this bag a precise structure.

There is enough room inside the bag for keeping all the essential things you need during the journey. The camouflage print of the bag has made the bag perfect for hunting trips.

The fabric is one of the advantages of the bag. The fabric used here is durable enough. It can bear much abuse regularly. The fabric is not stiff like other duffle bag fabrics.

There is a wide front pocket. Apart from this, you will find two more side pockets on each side of the bag. All the pockets are organized perfectly.

You will see an adjustable shoulder strap with this duffle bag. Apart from it, you will also find two handles to carry the bag.


  • Water resistant and durable Polyester fabric is used to make this duffle bag.
  • The polyester fabric is soft but doesn’t fail in harsh situations.
  • You can get access to your stuff easily with the help of easily accessible main wide pocket.
  • Quality and realistic camouflage pattern are used here.
  • Two carry handles and one adjustable shoulder strap is integrated to carry the bag.


8. EXPLORER Mossy Oak Realtree Camo Duffel Bag

Best Hunting Duffle BagIt can be the best hunting duffle bag for you if you are looking for something to perform better. The compact size of this duffle bag is quite attractive.

Though the bag is small, you can still pack your enough stuff inside this bag. The exterior size of this bag is accurately told by the manufacturer.

You can pack your ammo, knives, medicines, scents, and many other gears and tools inside this bag. You can also use this bag for a couple of days camping.

The handles of the bag are durable. You can comfortably hold the handles to carry the bag. Beside this, you will also get a shoulder strap which is padded too. There is a main central pocket in this duffle bag.

The central pocket is quite large and roomy inside. With the main pocket, there are also two side pockets. These pockets also have enough room inside to carry your small gears and tools.


  • Made of durable and sturdy fabric to last longer.
  • Mossy Oak camouflage pattern is integrated which looks quite realistic.
  • Weights lighter so that the user feels comfortable to carry it.
  • Durable handles integrated that doesn’t rip off so easily.
  • The padded shoulder strap is also integrated.
  • The durable structure is given to this duffle bag so that it can stay strong all the time.


  • The zippers are not durable at all.
  • The size might be an issue for a few users.


9. Bulldog Cases Deluxe Muddy Girl Range Bag

Best Hunting Duffle BagThe bag now we are showing is made by the company named Bulldog Cases. The fabric is the main positive part of this duffle bag.

Ballistic Nylon is one of the strongest fabric currently in the market. So, you can expect this bag to stay strong and well for many years.

The Nylon fabric is also water resistant. It makes this bag eligible for any type of weather condition. The bag has a large main compartment.

The main compartment is double zippered. You can open it easily. The main compartment also has a divider. You can also remove this divider if you wish. But the main compartment doesn’t contain any type of additional pocket or pouch.

There are also outer pockets to store your necessary and small gears or tools. You can hang this bag with your shoulder with the help of the shoulder strap.

The shoulder strap o this bag is fully adjustable. This bag will be a perfect choice to carry ammo, small weapons, and other essential tools.


  • Strong ballistic Nylon is used to make this small duffle bag.
  • Water resistance feature will protect your stuff inside from wet weather condition.
  • The main compartment has a divider which can be removed according to your demand.
  • Two outer pockets are integrated.
  • Durable stitching makes sure that you can use the bag for many years.


  • The zippers break off quite easily.


10. Fox Outdoor Products Jumbo Mechanic’s Tool Bag

Best Hunting Duffle BagThe manufacturer of this bag is Black Legion. The company has given this bag a very simple and appreciable structure and design.

The bag is one of the best duffle bags for several purposes. You can buy this for photography purpose, fishing purpose, hunting purpose, and many more.

Most of the people use this bag as the tool bag. You can carry your essential tools and gears inside this bag when you are on a longer trip. The bag is enough roomy inside.

You will surely able to pack your all necessary basic stuff inside this bag. Along with roomy inside, the bag is quite strong. The bag is capable of going through many harsh situations without getting any sorts of harm.

There are also side pockets available to organize your every stuff separately. There interior pockets which are pretty much smaller. You can carry your keys, phone, folding knives inside those interior pockets.


  • The strong fabric of the bag ensures the durability fact.
  • The zippers are also great. They don’t break down so easily.
  • You can carry heavier items inside this bag without any hesitation. It will cause nothing to the bag.
  • The quality of the handles is quite satisfying.
  • The thick material of this bag helps to hold the accurate shape of the bag.


  • The manufacturer has mentioned the wrong size. The accurate size is smaller than what the company has said.


Final Verdict

A duffle bag is a very essential item to carry on hunting trips. It can help you to carry your stuff precisely. It even sometimes, helps you to protect your tools from harsh situations.

A good duffle bag can also keep your things dry in wet weather condition. So, it will be an advice to you that you should judge every part of a duffle bag before buying. A lot of things do depend on your choice of duffle bags.


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