The 5 Best Hog Hunting Lights in 2019

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Best hog hunting lights can play an essential role in hunting hogs. When the sun is down and the environment becomes darker, it is not easy to find your target and shoot it precisely. To have perfect shots in the dark, you must need hunting lights to help you aim properly.

We are going to show you the best hog hunting lights of the current time. We have chosen them very carefully after doing some tests on them. We mainly tested if the lights disturb or alarm hogs or not.

We also have checked the beam and the focus issue of each light very carefully. The range and brightness of those lights will also satisfy you. As you are about to carry any of these lights in the jungle, we also tested the lights’ sturdiness.

Most of the lights are suitable for all types of outdoor activities. Apart from this, we are showing a small guide that can give you some basic knowledge to find the best hog hunting lights. Here is the guide below.

Quick Answer – Hog Hunting Lights

1. Orion H30 Predator 273 yards Hunting Light

2. Elusive Wildlife XLR250 Hunting Light

3. WindFire Green LED Hog Hunting Light

4. Ulako Green 300 Yards Hunting Flashlight

5. Comunite 501B 1000 XML T6 LED Flashlight

Facts to Know Before Buying Hunting Lights

Mounting System

Don’t try to buy a light which has a very poor mounting system. A light is useless in the hunting trip when you become unable to mount it properly on your rifle or minigun.

That is why, nowadays, manufacturers are giving you lights with quality mounts. It will help you to easily mount lights on your gun easily.

You can also detach the lights whenever you want and use those lights as common flashlights. So, the first condition of buying a hunting light is to check the mounting feature and its performance.

Battery Life and Charging

When you are inside a dense jungle, you cannot go out easily. You sometimes, have to stay in the jungle for a quite long time to hunt down animals. In such situations, your light’s battery performance will matter a lot. Short battery life can put you in trouble.

If you buy a hunting light with enough battery life feature, you can stay on the jungle whole day long performing several kills. That’s why don’t waste your money on such lights which have weak batteries.

Construction and Body Material

When you get a light with good construction, you can use that for a quite long time. The sturdiness of the light will help you in many ways. No matter what situation comes, it will stay strong. Even if you drop the light from any range of height, a strong light will not break down.

In modern days, you will find the best hog hunting lights are made of military grade materials. Such materials will help your lights to take more abuses than you can imagine.

Weather Resistance

Try to buy only those lights which don’t get offended by weather conditions. You will find many water-resistant lights in the market if you judge lights a little smartly. Water resistance feature will make sure you can use the light to aim at your prey properly.

Reviews of the Best Hog Hunting Lights

Here are five lights for hog hunting purpose that we have chosen for you.

1. Orion H30 Predator Premium 273 yards Rechargeable Hunting Light

Best Hog Hunting LightsMany hunters will assume this light as one of the best hog hunting lights. There are a few reasons behind this. The first and the main reason is the LED.

The hunting light features the latest green LED that will help you to hunt down your prey quite easily. The 273 yards beam can play a vital role in your hunting trip.

You can hunt down your preys with ease. The battery life of this hunting light is longer than many other lights found in the market.

The rechargeable battery will allow you to recharge your battery whenever you find your battery is running low. Durability is another reason why expert hunters will suggest you buy this hog hunting light.

Once you have bought this light, you can use this light almost a decade continuously. The construction of this hog hunting light doesn’t allow anything to put any effect on its performance.

The waterproof facility will allow the light to help you to shoot animals even when the weather is wet. This light is surely one of the best hog hunting lights in any sorts of situations at any place.


  • The construction allows this light to be a long range hunting light.
  • The manufacturer integrated Green LED so that games or hogs don’t get alerted when you aim at them.
  • The military grade construction allows this light to help you in hunting for several years continuously.
  • The maximum brightness range is almost 300 lumens. Four brightness settings are also integrated.
  • The waterproof feature is integrated.
  • Aviation grade Aluminum construction allows the light to stay strong and perform better.


  • The battery can give you good service. But it may fail to perform fully after a few years.


2. Elusive Wildlife The Kill Light XLR250 Hunting Light Package

Best Hog Hunting LightsThis hog hunting light can perform better than many other hunting lights. The strong construction and integration of quality materials are reasons why you can expect this light to be one of the best hog hunting lights in the current market.

This package from Elusive Wildlife contains almost everything that you might need to perform an accurate shot on your prey. The set can help you to enjoy your hunting trip when the sun is down.

The Aluminum body of this light is quite sturdy. The strong body helps the light to perform in any situation. Any sorts of abuses will not cause trouble to this hunting light.

The light can produce as a clean beam that will be able to illuminate your target. You can clearly see your target at the range of almost 250 yards.

With the help of this light, you will be able to see your target’s eye shining from a longer distance. You will get a removable AR rail mount, a smart charger, and two batteries.


  • Can be used as a flashlight sometimes. A user can easily mount it on the scope while hunting.
  • The body of the light is made of Aviation grade Aluminum to take abuses without getting any damage.
  • The unfiltered beam will help you to see everything clearly in the dark.
  • Shining eyes of hogs can be visible from almost 500 yards distance or more.
  • Kill Light Rapid Scope Mount will help you to mount the light on the scope properly.


  • Thought the mount system will be helpful for the first few times, but it might fail when it will become older.


3. WindFire Green LED Coyote Hog Hunting Light Set

Best Hog Hunting LightsThe set is made especially for hunters to have perfect shots in the darkest moment. This light set can be used for hunting hogs, coyotes and many other animals in the absence of sunlight.

The range of the light is totally awesome. You can surely get benefits by using this light set. The green light will help you to see your prey from a far distance.

Here, the lens or filters are not used. So you can expect pure green light which will help you to see further. The color green is chosen here for a reason.

We all know that green color can’t alert hogs or coyotes. The battery of this light can give you service for a long period of time. The beam this light produces is very strong.

The beam is bright enough. The construction is fairly perfect for hunting. The solid construction can take a lot of abuses. The Aluminum is the reason why the torch behaves so firmly. It will not break or get damaged so easily.

The construction also makes the light completely water resistant. The manufacturer will give you all the equipment you need to mount this light on your gun properly. This can be mounted on any handgun, pistol, or rifle with ease.


  • The light will produce Cree Green LED.
  • The range of the beam this light will produce is more than 250 yards. Enough for any type of hunting.
  • Greenlight is used so that you can aim at your target without letting them know about anything.
  • Filters or lens are not used so that the light can produce perfect green light.
  • The durable Li-ion battery is integrated.
  • The barrel mount is also given to help you mount the light on any rifle.


  • The light of this set is little heavier.


4. Ulako Green Light 300 Yards Hunting Flashlight Torch

Best Hog Hunting LightsThe hunting light now we are showing has enough power and facilities to make your hunting session easier and more enjoyable.

The mounting feature of this light makes it one of the best hog hunting lights available on the market. You can easily mount and dismount this light from any rifle or sniper.

The body construction of this light is quite sturdy. You can use this light in the roughly. It has the capability to accompany your rifle in any kind of situation.

The aluminum material doesn’t allow the performance of this light to fade. The sealing system of this body doesn’t allow water or anything to go inside the light and make any problem.

The beam this light produces is so brighter that you will not fail to hit the target in dark situations. The range of the beam this light can produce is almost 300 yards or more.

Such range is enough helpful to hunt down any animals like hogs, coyotes, and many others.  The power of the battery of this light is enough to spend a long hunting session.

Every part of this light and equipment come with this set is durable enough to provide you service for a very long time. Another useful fact about this light is that you can mount this light on most types of rifles without facing any issue.


  • The range of the beam this light produces is more than enough, 300 yards.
  • Single mode system.
  • Aluminum alloy material allows the light to stay for a very long time.
  • O-ring seal system will stop water or anything from entering the body of the light.
  • Can take much abuse without getting any damage.


  • The battery charger is not as good as it should be.


5. Comunite 501B 1000 Lumen Cree XML T6 LED Flashlight

Best Hog Hunting LightsThe main reason why we are calling this light set as one of the best hog hunting lights is the sturdy construction. No matter how many times you drop this light, it will survive fully.

Even if you drop this from a higher distance, it will get any damage at all. Aircraft grade material doesn’t allow the light to break or fail in performing so easily.

Because of such sturdy construction and quality material, the light can perform in any weather condition. Water can’t go inside the light and do some damage at all.

It depends on you whether you want to use this as a common flashlight or wish to mount on your rifle. You will be happy using this light in both ways.

Apart from hunting, you can use this light for several purposes. Purposes such as camping, hiking, cycling, and many other outdoor activities are perfect for using this light.

You will get all the essentials you need to use this light in the package. The size of this light is another fact. The compact size makes it perfect to use it anyways. This product is a perfect choice who wishes to buy a classical style normal bright light for multipurpose.


  • The durable flashlight has a non-slip design on the body.
  • Aircraft grade Aluminum ensures the durability fact and helps the light to perform better.
  • Suitable for most types of outdoor trips.
  • Waterproof feature makes the light eligible for any type of environment.
  • The construction of the light is sturdier than most of the common lights.
  • Can be mounted on the rifle quite easily.


  • The beam this light produces is very poorly focused. It is also not adjustable.


Final Verdict

Never compromise on the hunting light matter. Because only a good hunting light will allow you to hunt down your preys in dark properly. Every single fact of a light puts an impact on your hunting trip.

From the brightness of the beam to the switching feature, you have to judge everything before buying a light. In fine, it will be an advice to buy such hunting lights which can perform its best for several years continuously.


5 Best Hog Hunting Lights



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