The 10 Best Deer Call in 2019

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For thousands of years, hunters have been using the calls as a hunting tactic. Deer hunters are also doing the same. Deer use the sound to communicate with their chums.

Deer calls are designed in a way to mimic the sound of deer. So that they hear the sound and come to the nearest verge of the hunter.

Whether you are a lifelong hunter or a newcomer, having a deer calls is important in your hunting backpack. It is challenging to going into bow range of a deer.

But, having a correct deer calls is more challenging than this. To make it easy for you, we are presenting our ten best deer calls collection before you.

Quick Answer – Deer Call

1. Illusion Game Calls Extinguisher Deer Call System

2. Illusion Systems Black Rack

3. Illusion Systems Extinguisher Deer Rattling System

4. Primos Buck Roar Call

5. Primos Hardwood Grunter Call

6. Illusion Systems Black Rack Calling System

7. Hunters Specialties True Talker Deer Call

8. Flambeau Outdoor Deer Call

9. Flextone Buck Collector Plus Call

10. Primos Big Bucks Bag Call

Reviews of the Best Deer Call

Deer calls provide several ways to communicate with their mate. But, their efficiency varies with the hunting situation. There is a lot of product in the market that will make you do hard work while calling a deer.

But, you will also find some automated calls that reduce your anxiety. If you are conscious about what is available in the market, then it will be better. Well, do not worry at all.

Our collection of 10 best deer calls will make you expert in this field by informing when and how to use them. Let’s not waste your valuable time when you can get your deer call today.

1. Illusion Game Calls Extinguisher Deer Call System

Best Deer CallBeing a professional hunter, are you looking for a deer calls that can satisfy you with finest beer sound? This Extinguisher from Illusion system would help you produce versatile vocalization of deer’s.

A widely used call especially for whitetail deer. It is very popular among the users because of its impressive realistic sound. Extinguisher deer follow-up the unique patented Modislide system which is not common among other calls.

According to many hunters, this system is a breakthrough in deer calls technology. Due to this, it can imitate sounds like a Buck, a Doe, and a Fawn.

It can produce a wide range of calls through floats up and down the assembly. Also, experts consider it as a highest ever as it got 99.6% approval in NAHC Field test. You won’t find it difficult to handle as it is lightweight enough.

In case you find it difficult, check their instructional DVD provided with the call. This DVD would help you from making mistakes in outdoor hunting. The price is also very reasonable comparatively. So, what are you waiting for?


  • Suitable for both professional and newbie
  • Highest rated call in the world
  • Realistic sound
  • Lightweight


  • Some find the tone pitch a little smooth for male whitetail


2. Illusion Systems Black Rack

Best Deer CallWant to bring a trophy buck into a range? Then, Black Rack from Illusion system is better than a real thing. An eye-catching deer call comes in innovative black concealment color.

The Illusion, black rack rattling system, has two full racks that make the system more effective than other. It uses Bone-Core technology that ensures more authentic sound.

This black rack exactly looks like two fighting with each other. The most interesting part is, your hands won’t smash while using this. Every hunter will appreciate this.

Also, an additional instructional video is included with the Black rack call. Olympic gold medal archer Rod White provide an instruction titled as “Secret to Rattling in Trophy Bucks.”

Well, instead of the tricky look the call is lightweight. So it is easy to take anywhere and works perfectly in all-weather condition.

The price is also reasonable like other Illusion calls. We would recommend this call for having professional experience in hunting.


  • Authentic sounds of a buck
  • Exclusive black concealment color
  • System use bone-core technology
  • Free professional DVD


  • The rattling antler has an intense plastic odor
  • Need extra care because of the shapes.


3. Illusion Systems Extinguisher Deer Rattling System

Best Deer CallThe illusion is always up to offer an exclusive collection of hunting product with the latest technology. Here they bring a combo pack of Extinguisher and Black Rack deer rattling system.

It’s a great deal for habituated hunters. You are getting a variation of sounds in a single combo pack. Even so, two topmost calls from Illusion system that we discussed above.

As we discussed above Extinguisher use patented Modislide system for operation whereas Black Rack rattling system uses Bone-Core technology, the extinguisher is especially used for calling whitetails.

Black Rack makes sounds by gliding up and down the assembly and Extinguisher has two full racks. They both make impressive realistic sounds. Last but not the least, an addition 2-in-1 DVD with the tips by Olympic gold medal archer Rod White.

Though you are getting these two exclusive calls in one pack surprisingly price is not that high. So don’t waste time thinking twice. Go grab your one.


  • Both are lightweight
  • Makes realistic sound
  • Attractive design
  • High technology used in both
  • Additional instructional 2-in-1 DVD


  • The black rack sounds like bashing plastic also a bland plastic odor is available in there


4. Primos Buck Roar Call

Best Deer CallA smart edition of Buck Roar call from Primos is a must have in every hunter’s backpack. Buck roar makes such sound that does it all. According to many feedback, buck roar works great in the rut.

You can make three type of calls such as the buck roar, the grunt, and challenge wheeze. Buck roar is aggressively prolonged grunt that warns other bucks to stay away from that doe where challenge wheeze can bring other mature bucks from long distance.

Its rubber body makes it easy to hold with the finest grip. Also, the resonating chamber creates the most accurate grunt call. You will also get a compass attached to it.

It also includes a wrist strap for easy access in hand and a lanyard ring. The price is low compared to the Illusion system. Overall, it would be worth your money.


  • Make perfect grunt calls
  • Easy to handle one operate
  • Rubber body
  • Sturdy construction yet lightweight


  • Make great calls, but strap design is not solid like others.


5. Primos Hardwood Grunter Call

Best Deer CallPrimos has been considered as a trusted brand among hunter for decades. Whether it is for ELK hunting or Deep hunting, Primos continuously providing their best to make quality hunting calls.

Hardwood Grunter Call is a solid edition by them. The quality and rich tone of old grunt call has combined with few twists of new technology. That make Hardwood grunter call more durable and flexible to use.

This grunter call is specially designed for the tough condition. You will love the 6-in-1 functionality of this grunter call. You can adjust the reed assembly for grunt and bleat.

Being at a safe distance, you can make the louder call by its hardwood portion. An expandable hose is attached to the hardwood part.

This hose portion allows creating various tone several reviews of the hunter who have used it before claim that it works perfectly. Like always Primos always provide a quality product at a low price than others. So make this one your companion for next hunt in a rough place.


  • Sturdy construction
  • 6-in-1 tones
  • Expandable Hose
  • Durable


  • Hose part can come apart easily


6. Illusion Systems Black Rack Calling System

Best Deer CallSimilar to the previous combo pack of Extinguisher and Black Rack by Illusion system. Except that the Camo pack gives you a little variation in Extinguisher call design.

Otherwise, you are getting the same facilities here like combo pack. Still, briefly looking at the features to remove your confusion. The extinguisher grunt tube specially designed for whitetails.

The black rack has an attractive design. Both produce the finest sound. The Extinguisher can change the sound with a slide at your fingertip. Both the calls work perfectly in the rut.

The upper part of the extinguisher call has a printed design which is different from the combo pack. Quality of both the calls is somehow better here than the other. This is why it is coming at an attractive price. But all the features are worth the money.


  • Easy to use
  • Attractive design
  • 2-in-1 instructional DVD with extra tips
  • Both the calls constructed with high technology


  • Carrying Black rack is difficult sometimes


7. Hunters Specialties True Talker Deer Call

Best Deer CallThis model of hunter specialist is constructed based on the world’s first revolutionary deer call that means it goes through many research.

True Talker deer call is one of the slim yet effective calls in our list. The beginner can also easily handle it because of the simple design.

It brings the deer within shooting range by making authentic calls. It can produce grunts, snorts, and wheezes. With the finest tone, you can attract from smallest fawn to big buck.

A flexible fingering membrane allows you to control the tones easily. Also, it doesn’t need any additional assembly for a different tune. Most importantly, you need a little air pressure to make a better sound.

The balanced hardwood reed system allows you to hunt in cold weather. Also, the reed is so flexible that you can make calls in any direction. You can change the tone by cupping your hand at the end of a call.

It includes a lanyard to allow you to carry it anywhere. Also, it has an option for disassembly for important cleaning purpose. Above all, you are getting so many facilities at a  reasonable price.


  • Solid construction
  • Flexible reed
  • Works well in extreme weather
  • Can produce all deer call
  • Durable


  • Take a little time to influence deer’s


8. Flambeau Outdoor Deer Call

Best Deer CallFlambeau’s new hyper growl deer call take the call innovation to the next level by creating the almost actual call of deer’s. It mimics a real call and create confusion among deer and bring them within your range.

Unlike other calls, it has a Hyper Ventilator Cube to air-passage away. Ventilator cube stimulates deer’s nasal passage and creates more realistic sound ever of deer’s. The reed system will not be locked up instead of low air pressure.

The integrated system of the call allows you to place your hand at the end of the call to create snort wheezes. This action takes place even without removing air supply from the call.

Whitetails use the nasal chamber to create their wheeze and snort vocalization. To the welfare of MAD’s engineer, Flambeau design this call with two passage of Hyper Growl in ventilator tube.

A caller can add tone variations by changing the airflow within a second. This combination easily stimulates deer’s nostrils and grab the monster bucks attention.

You can also use this call in a windy and stormy day without any manipulation from external air. The most important feature of this call is, in spite of all the new technology you can still produce old reliable grunts and pops.

Additionally, a lanyard is included to carry it easily. All these deadly combinations are available at a reasonable price. Go and check the store before stout out.


  • Hyperventilator cube create more realistic sound
  • Ease of use
  • Use all new technology
  • Create superior volume in windy days
  • Can also create old reliable calls


  • Some claims it takes more amount of air to operate


9. Flextone Buck Collector Plus Call

Best Deer CallFlextone calls are savvy whitetails hunters preferred because they know when to growl, grunt, or snort-wheeze. Hunters consume flexible material, innovative design in a call to imitate the bucks.

The Flextone calls are more faithful; sounds can be produced by varying degree of volume and tones. This call features a new buck collector plus with a True-Touch button.

This buck collector can reproduce all known deer vocalization. The soft and flexible call with a mouthpiece used for easy manipulation in tone and volume.

This soft body allows you to pack it in your backpack easily. Hunters use this highly realistic sound to fool a mature buck. The buck collector plus deliver accurate sound when the situation calls for fawn bawl, a doe bleat or a snort wheeze.

This True-Touch button ensures that the collector plus will constantly make the sound in gloved or ungloved hand. Flextone call is the swiss army knife for the deer call that produces the sound of any whitetail deer.

In a word, it is a combination of variation and consistency. Also, the price is low that any budget-conscious hunters can afford. Go get your one NOW!


  • Soft and flexible body
  • Variation of calls
  • Easy sound manipulation
  • All new true-touch button for vocalization
  • Can produce fawn and doe sound
  • Affordable price


  • A little bulky


10. Primos Big Bucks Bag Call

Best Deer CallAnother top deer call from reputed brand Primos, which deserves the spot. This model of deer call is popular among people for the performance and the type of tone it creates.

Like other Primos calls it is also designed for the toughest situation. This call can make two different pitches that can reach far so attract deer’s attention.

The sturdy construction of the call makes the model ideal for various hunting seasons. The power tines with tone holes are made of hard plastic.

This tone hole creates super loud rattling and brings the deer’s easily to where you are. Because of sturdy construction, it is 100% waterproof.

Since it can stand up to any weather, you can take them with you more often. Also, it is lightweight enough. Last but not least, it comes in a camo bag so you can store it easily.

This Primos big bucks call will fit in every hand whether you are a professional and recreational hunter. As we know, Primos is always up to the mark with their quality product at a convenient price.

So you can take the risk of using every Primos calls without any hesitation. Go! Try this one NOW!


  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for every weather
  • Comes in a camo bag
  • Lightweight
  • Durable so can be used frequently


  • Need a lot of practice to use this


Final Words

Calling deer is one of the most exciting tasks in deer hunting for luring a buck into range. It is exciting and satisfying when it works. The satisfying part is how your communication misled a wild animal into responding. So choosing an appropriate call is most important in this adventure.

When it comes to buying the best deer call, you have to consider the number of tones out of the call. Our buying guide above would make your job easier as we took the ten best deer calls of this time.

Now the decision is all yours. Know your need and decide for the next hunting adventure. In case of your different suggestion and inquiries, please don’t forget to let us know in the comment box.


10 Best Deer Call



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