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Eberlestock X3 Lodrag Pack Review

View on!   For every outdoor aficionado, there are a number of items that are key for a good outdoor experience. It starts with the shoes on your feet. It extends to the tactical tools you carry. It might even be the types of food you

Eberlestock X2 Pack Review

View on!   There are numerous features that one would desire from a hunting backpack. Of course, the most important is the ability for it to accommodate your essentials. You want the pack to have enough room for the gear you’ll need for the desired length

Eberlestock X1 Pack Review

View on!   Constantly on your back during an expedition, the hunting backpack is like your trusted sidekick. It carries all your gear, hiding whatever secrets you have within its depths. The backpack will lay on your back, always following you wherever you go. It’s the

Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack Review

View on!   Once again, Eberlestock churns out another fantastic backpack, the M5 Elk Pack. And just as its name suggests, this pack was made specifically for the Elk hunters. However, don’t let that fool you, the eberlestock M5 team elk pack is great for any

Badlands Superday Pack Review

View on!   A pack with the ability to let you enjoy a hike or long climb is one that’s made in heaven. Do they exist? Well, certainly there are backpacks that take the load and tell it’s got it. This pack will hang over your

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse Pack Review

View on!   Spending time in the outdoors is a wonderful chance to spend quality time with friends and family. Hunting is an exciting activity that will allow you to bond with nature while reaping some of its best benefits and that’s why there are a

ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Pack Review

View on!   In our search for the perfect hunting pack, we’ve come across backpacks with varied features. We’ve seen those with dedicated meat haulers. We’ve encountered the backpacks with massive frames that tower above the wearer. We’ve encountered the packs that are purely just rubbish.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Review

  Imagine having a hunting backpack that’s compact and light enough to allow jog, climb or even sprint. Imagine this backpack having the capacity to bear as much gear as you would possibly need. Now, there’s no need to imagine because the masters of hunting backpacks, ALPS

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Review

  For a long hunting expedition, there’s so much that you can and should carry. The gear can never be enough. Who knows what would transpire out there so you’d rather have it and not need it than require it and not have it, right? It’s quite

Badlands 2200 Backpack Review

  Numerous hunting backpacks have been created and released into the market for the avid hunter. There isn’t a shortage of options for the outdoor folks. From the large and carry all you can backpack to the compact daypacks; they all seem to be striving for attention.