The 10 Best Carbon Hunting Arrows in 2018

Many people find hunting as a great source of thrill and excitement. For bow-hunting, stuff like arrows can increase this excitement at a great extent, if they are strong enough to provide an accurate shot.

Materials matter a lot to define the quality of an arrow. The more stiffness of your arrow brings more preciseness of your shot. From the gradual development of technology, it has developed a more stable arrow spine.

Well, carbon fiber has brought a new era to hunting arrows. Nowadays hunters prefer carbon arrows more than aluminum due to lightweight and robust.

Quick Answer – Carbon Hunting Arrows

1. Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows

2. Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows

3. Excalibur Diablo 18in. Carbon Arrows

4. Carbon Express Maxima RED Carbon Arrow

5. Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

6. ANTSIR Outdoors Carbon 30-Inch 7.8mm Shaft Removable Arrows

7. GPP Archery Carbon 30-Inch Hunting Arrows

8. ANTSIR 20″ Hunting Archery Carbon Arrow

9. M.A.K 30-Inch Outer Diameter Carbon Hunting Arrows

10. MUSEN 30 inch Carbon Arrow

Reviews of the Best Carbon Hunting Arrows

Selecting the right arrow is essential for every bow-hunter. Before using the carbon hunting arrows, we should know everything about it. Its shaft is made with carbon and is being produced with more consistent wall thickness for the durability.

Their length is between 20in to 30in and weight is usually around 8 to 10 ounce. These arrows are generally lightweight and have grains per inch with grain point. All of them are designed beautifully.

They have special nocks for comfort. For a better flight, some of them have dynamic spine control and provide maximum accuracy. Industries best designers are working hard to make these arrows better day by day.

As there are many kinds of carbon arrow for hunting in the market so, we have researched the best carbon hunting arrows from them. Whatever you are an expert or beginner,  this article will help you a lot to make your decision to buy as per your requirement.

1. Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows

Best Carbon Hunting ArrowsBarnett is a fantastic brand to choose carbon arrows. Their arrows will take your hunting to the next level. Its shafts are made with a carbon fiber reinforced polymer that is super strong and light in weight.

This composite carbon ensures the durability and precision that makes you confident while shooting with these arrows on hunting.

These 8.1-ounce arrows with rigid, lightweight carbon shafts have a unique feature which is 13.78 grains per inch along with 100-grain point; this feature is added to ensure maximum accuracy at shooting.

Even field points and moon nocks are also used to give you the best experience. Because of having these features, your arrows won’t be stuck in the woods.

Barnett knows the value of your time, so they created these arrows keeping in mind that how you can get more power and make a perfect shot every time without any hassle.


  • Arrows are 20 inches long
  • Design is attractive
  • There are a set of 5 arrows
  • Has half-moon nocks
  • Five-pack of 20-inches arrows
  • These arrows are durable
  • Compatible with most of the crossbows


  • These arrows are a little expensive
  • Not allowed in some states


2. Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows

Best Carbon Hunting ArrowsMaxima brand is well-known for their excellent quality carbon arrows. These red-fletched arrows come with Launchpad precision nocks and shafts to control the delivery and allows you to take an accurate shot.

They use hi-tech carbon that controls the dynamic span which helps your broadhead to get a better flight and maintains the consistency.

It is super straight and is checked by laser according to 1/10000 of inch straightness. It always remains straight even if you shoot from a long distance to the target.

It comes with 350-Size, 9.07-GPI, 0.342 spines, 0.300-inch Diameter, 31.5″ length, and a weight tolerance of 1.0 grain. These arrows are suitable for both beginners and experts and you will surely love the design and the quality as well.


  • Straightest arrows in the market
  • Launchpad precision nocks
  • Attractive and modern design
  • Has dynamic spine for a straighter flight
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • One of the best for its quality


  • It will be difficult to screw the beginners
  • Price is a little bit expensive


3. Excalibur Diablo 18in. Carbon Arrows

Best Carbon Hunting ArrowsThese arrows are designed for Excalibur’s Matrix line of crossbows. Excalibur made the new Diablo carbon arrows that are 18 inches long and have 2 inches vanes that allow you to get the blistering speed.

A heavier insert on the front to maintain the front of center weight enables you to hit accurately. You will get awesome speed with the help of spines.

Though it doesn’t have nocks, you will have better contact with the string. These arrows have a flatback insert that fulfills the demand of nocks which gives you much more reliable contact with the string.

It offers you fast and intense penetration that you might need at hunting. An extra feature of it is designed for recurve crossbows also.

If you need arrows for your Excalibur Matrix Crossbow, It will be the best choice as well as for other bows too. Of course, it is ideal stuff for bow hunting.


  • Ensures optimal accuracy
  • Offers reliable contact with bowstrings
  • Flatback Design ensures reliable contact with the string
  • Ideal for Excalibur Matrix Crossbow
  • The Fletcher design is good


  • Sometimes fletcher comes off and you need to attach them with glue
  • Fletcher color sometimes doesn’t match with online shown


4. Carbon Express Maxima RED Carbon Arrow

Best Carbon Hunting ArrowsThis is just another pack of Maxima Brand. It also comes with Launchpad precision nocks and shafts to control the delivery of arrows for an accurate shot.

It offers dynamic span with super straight spine and is checked by laser according to 1/10000 of inch straightness. It comes with 350-Size, 9.07-GPI, 0.342 spines, 0.300-inch Diameter, 31.5″ length, and a weight tolerance of 1.0 grain.

The arrow’s flex is also known as “RED ZONE” and this flex is designed with carbon using hi-tech technology. It gives you a new level of hunting performance because arrowheads increase the effect of arrow flexibility.

With this feature, you can shoot tighter by reducing arrow flex in the front of the shaft, and it provides overall improved shooting performance.


  • One of the straightest arrows right now in the market
  • Launchpad precision nocks maintain the accuracy of a shot
  • Attractive and modern design
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Come with 12-pack Arrows


  • It will be difficult to screw for the beginners
  • Price is a little bit expensive


5. Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

Best Carbon Hunting ArrowsIf you are searching for outstanding penetration designed arrows for hunting, then you should go with Carbon Express PiledriverCrossbolt.

It is the heaviest one from the brand that can kill your target without being failed. The original construction allows spine consistency as well as makes it durable.

The cross-bolt including CX lineup helps hunters to get maximum kinetic energy. It comes with six universal flat nocks besides the six arrows.

You can easily mark and beat as straight. These arrows are both for professionals and beginners. The smooth and beautiful design will impress anyone.

You can easily use it and hit the target for its less penetration feature. From our point of view, we recommend this awesome stuff to those who are the absolute beginner.


  • Easy to remove from the target
  • Allows repetitive shots
  • Comes with ultra 4-inch vanes
  • Good Bolts
  • Quality materials ensure ultimate durability
  • Good penetration along with consistency
  • Beautiful and modern design


  • It is heavier than others
  • Some arrows don’t fly as great


6. ANTSIR Outdoors Carbon 30-Inch 7.8mm Shaft Removable Arrows

Best Carbon Hunting ArrowsThis is another ideal hunting weapon with 7.8 mm arrow along with 30-50 pounds bow. You will get a 12 pack bundle of 30 inches arrows.

This product belongs to the absolute beginner. These arrows have lightweight and robust carbon shafts with enhanced wall thickness for added durability.

They have field points for the highest accuracy and also for target penetration. The colored plastic fletching, nock, and nickel-plated stainless steel tip enable you to target shooting practice.

There are also some tips screw for your practice session. Nocks are adjustable according to your bow-string. These are flexible enough if you compare this with 400 spine arrows.

They can go through the air straight though they are super lightweight. Overall these ANTSIR outdoors arrows are perfect for teenagers and adults.


  • Ideal for recurve target shooting
  • The price is not high
  • Great for beginner and for practicing
  • Nocks are free to use with any bow
  • The tips are attached with arrows


  • You can’t use it with high impact bows
  • These are just normal carbon arrows with general features


7. GPP Archery Carbon 30-Inch Hunting Arrows

Best Carbon Hunting ArrowsNext one on our list is the GPP archery carbon arrows. It comes with 12 pack of 30 inches arrows that have lightweight and robust carbon shafts ensures durability.

They also have replaceable field points for optimal accuracy and target penetration. With 7.8 mm in diameter, these arrows are appropriate for draw weight of 40-60 pounds bows.

Nocks are adjustable and can be used with any bows. There is a shaft colored with black carbon on the screw tip that is made of hard steel and plastic vanes.

The arrow is about 31 inches long. The best part of these arrows is the repetitive usage of tips. Though tips are solid and sharp, it is not dangerous at all. It will be great for treestand shooting as well as for any target practice.


  • Go straight through the air
  • Appropriate for any bows
  • Nocks are perfectly aligned and adjustable
  • Plastic fletching for optimal accuracy
  • Beginner-friendly and ideal for experts


  • Tips can be loose and need tightening
  • Plastic vanes are slightly heavy and can create a hassle


8. ANTSIR 20″ Hunting Archery Carbon Arrow

Best Carbon Hunting ArrowsEvery manufacturer has some unique qualities of their own. When it is about ANTSIR archery carbon arrow, they use composite carbon shafts for more durability.

They use 125-grain point with 13.75 grains per inch shaft to maintain the excellent accuracy and penetration. Its outer diameter is 8.8 mm and inner is 7.6 mm.

The length of this arrow shaft is 20 inches and weight is about 28 grams total. Nocks are designed as half-moon shape; vanes come in two colors with an aluminum insert for screwing the arrow tips.

There are two blue blades and one white blade as vanes which are 4 inches long. It is a perfect package for crossbow hunting. This crossbow bolts arrow is an excellent choice for experts and the price is also reasonable.


  • Built for crossbow hunting and can absorb a lot of pressure
  • These nocks provide more accurate shooting
  • Removable nock, tips, and fletchers
  • Maintain good speed even at long distance
  • People like for maintaining quality


  • Bolts can be snapped
  • This is more like regular carbon arrows


9. M.A.K 30-Inch Outer Diameter Carbon Hunting Arrows

Best Carbon Hunting ArrowsHere is another best product that matches today’s trend. The M.A.K brand maintains their superior quality for archery practice hunting.

The pack of 12 arrows consists with pure carbon that is solid to hit the target. Besides that, there are 6 fletching nocks with 2 blue and 1 white vane.

You will love the removal tips that allow you to use both compound and recurve bows. With the help of fletching nocks, you can point arrows in the right direction. You can use these arrows for practicing and if fletch gets damaged, you can remove fletch.

These arrows belong to youth bows; the spine range is between 500-600 with the arrowhead. So, they have less stiffness than others. These arrows are specially built for the beginners so that they can practice more.


  • A beginner can use it to improve shooting skill
  • 30 inches long arrows can be used for hunting
  • Fletching and broadhead free
  • Affordable price
  • Portable and easy to use


  • Broadhead is fixed
  • Not suitable for all bows


10. MUSEN 30 inch Carbon Arrow

Best Carbon Hunting ArrowsMUSEN is a brand that builds general carbon arrows. It is packed with 12 Arrows which are 30 inches long and 7.8mm diameter. It is suitable for 30-50 pounds compound and recurves bows.

Carbon shafts make the arrows strong and light which also helps to balance the flexing ability. The tips are made of stainless steel that can be interchanged and replaced.

The fletching is durable and less expensive due to having plastic vanes. It can shoot in any direction because of its 100-grain field points.

The point is tight and you can change it according to your need. It’s good stuff to use for outdoor shooting and hunting. This is for them who are in low-budget but need carbon arrows.


  • Made of carbon and well balanced
  • Removable tips
  • Provides good penetration
  • Tight nocks help grasp the string easily
  • User-friendly
  • Affordable price


  • Tips become loose after random usage
  • Not suitable for all bows


Final Verdict

Choosing the right arrow is very important because it can spoil everything at hunting if you pick the wrong one. If you search for the quality, durability, and accuracy, you will find these arrows helpful.

Their stiffness is also remarkable and the weight and length won’t be a barrier at the time of hunting. All the manufacturer has taken special care for every part of these arrows.

These are built for beginners as well as for professionals. This stuff is modern and reliable to have without any doubt. Hope, you will find the best hunting arrows that may suit your hunting desire.


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